mardi 6 mars 2018

Watercoloring with Lindy's shakers

Let me share with you a card I made for my Lindy's gang DT. This is a step by step tutorial using the new magical shakers for stamp coloring. 
IMG_1793 (1)
Let’s see how I made my project!
First, I stamped on watercolor paper and I embossed with Purely white powder.
IMG_1615 (1)
I took a small amount of Magical powders out from the new shakers and I mixed it with water to have some rich color to use.
IMG_1616 (1)
For the flowers, I used Magnolia Magenta gold and Alpine ice rose. Petal by petal, I wet my paper and colored the stamp with the darkest shade first with taking care to let the color blend into my paper with water.
IMG_1618 (1)
While still wet, I came back with my second color.
IMG_1619 (1)
Don’t put too much ink and let the paper react to have different shades.
IMG_1617 (1)
I did the same with my leaves this time using Cathedral pines green and a tiny bit of California poppy gold and Time travel teal to vary my green shade.
For my background, I put some gray on my acrylic block and I stamped my watercolor paper over it. Here I used I’m late, I’m late slate and Gag me with a spoon gray sprays.
IMG_1620 (1)
IMG_1621 (1)
Here’s my final result!
IMG_1794 (2)
This is a simple technique that makes stunning effects! Don’t hesitate to try it your own!
IMG_1795 (1)
Thank you for your time my friends!!

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