mercredi 7 novembre 2018

Magical Layout!

This month I played with my Magical shakers. I love them and I sometimes forget to use them to create my own embellishments.
I challenged my self to use only my shakers on this layout! No spray ink!
Here’s the result!
IMG_5771 (1)
First, I chose 3 Magical shakers that were looking great together. I picked Oom pah pah pinkOktoberfest Orange and Cuckoo Clock Cardinal.
I sprinkled some over some stamps I made on a watercolor paper. Then I gently sprayed water over the powder to make it react just a little. Don’t put too much water if you want to have the same effect.
IMG_5759 (1)
Once dried, I fuzzy cut all my flowers and leaves. After this, I mixed Cuckoo Clock Cardinal and Oom Pah pah pink with some paper paste to color it a bit.
IMG_5760 (1)
When still wet, I sprinkled over my paste a bit of Cuckoo clock cardinal embossing powder to have some red touch on my background.
IMG_5761 (1)
With the same magical shakers, I colored cheese cloth to add behind my embellishments.
IMG_5762 (1)
Here’s some close ups of my layout.
I really love that Magical shaker effect!
IMG_5763 (1)IMG_5764 (1)
With using the same 3 shakers for my entire layout, I have a perfect coordinate arrangement!
IMG_5765 (1)
So that’s it!
IMG_5767 (1)
Lindy’s products used: 
Others: Paste and paper: Prima, Badges: Cuts2luv, Stamps: Les ateliers de Karine, Title: Les créations Edith Cloutier, Flowers: 49 and Market
Thank you for your visit and see you next month!

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